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Miss Vice

What will I be doing today while I ignore you?

miss vice

I am Mi$$ Vice: a Princess, a Bitch, a Goddess to be adored and pampered. I am not here to pander to your sick little fetishes. I am here to do what pleases ME.

I get off having financial swine open their puny wallets and devote every last penny to making ME happy.

Don't expect me to talk to you when you call this line. This is My Ignore Line. I am far to busy spending your money and pampering Myself to have the time for anything else!

If you're lucky I'll call up one of My other hot friends and laugh at you sitting on the phone filling My bank account, fuck My big cocked husband or many other fun things. You'll never know unless you take the chance and call.

Write me if you dare, but keep in mind a measley tribute to Me isn't going to be worth the energy required to delete your message.

I am a VERY needy Bitch, and I only have time to abuse those miserable losers who have money to spend ON ME.

So, if you really just can't help yourself (and we both know you can't, loser!) then call. You will be lucky enough to get through the line of worthless worms pulling on their puds while they vie for my attention. Ha! It only proves you aren't man enough to get a real woman like me into bed.

Too bad...cuz I guaruntee you I'd be the best you'd ever have in your whole pathetic life! But you can just forget about that ever happening. Right???

Are you truly a glutton for wallet punishment? Click the damn buttons below then!

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