Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

I'll be honest- brutally, in fact. I am new to financial domination, but not new to weaseling money out of people, manipulation, and verbal abuse.

Out and about, I may seem nice, maybe even a little shy. However, it's a thin veneer that simply masks my vicious attitude and cruel wit.

Guess what- I don't give a shit about you. The only thing that can make me even pretend to care is your money. Gifts are nice, sure, but whatever. I'm much more interested in cold, hard cash. I would love nothing more than to watch you tear up as you empty your wallet for me.

You'll whisper "no more, I can't..." And I will simply reply "Oh, but you can." And you will.

You're nothing but a purse with a dick. A tiny, shriveled little tool, but it's there.

So listen up, fleshbags- I need a webcam. The first little moneyslave that donates $100 to my cause, because I need a good one, may just receive a special treat. If I feel like it.

I probably won't be taking that many calls for the time being, because the less time I have to waste talking to you, the better. I'm a busy woman, and you'll be glad for what you can get.