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420 Erotic Smoking? Let's talk while smoke curls

Do you know what a "French inhale" is?

I do!

Since I was a child, the images of sultry femme fatale stars with cigarette holders and curling smoke has captivated me. Ruby red lips ready to wrap around those jeweled holders, tendrils of smoke curling like caressing lovers...

Smoking is inherently an erotic activity.

Be it the gentle puff of a pipe, a ragged draw from a hand-rolled cigarette, a spliff, a sultry swallow from a long-necked cigarette holder cradling a clove... or even just the smoke swirling from my nostrils as I exhale tobacco smoke out my nose like a dragon! It is all welcome here!

Got cigars?

I secretly LOVE the erotic juxtaposition of a gorgeous woman with a phallic cigar.

I'm ready to wrap my lips around this and breath deep. Ready to join me?

Do you want to be covered in my smoke?

Are you ready to take it in?

I am a sultry sweetheart with a pin-up edge and a penchant for setting things on fire, metaphorically, erotically and to imbibe my favorite substances.

Intelligent, sexually charged, creative and kinky!