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My harshest IGNOREline. Be ignored by a SUPERMODEL

This is My HARSHEST ignore line! Can you handle the heat??? Can you handle the minutes going by, and watching how I ruthlessly IGNORE you on cam? When will I decide to give you the time of day? Come on pussy, pretend to be a man and show me how you TRY to hold on to My power game. I DECIDE what happens. I am much better at it, much more beautiful, smarter, wiser and EVERYTHING else that you are not. You are too pathetic to control your own life. I'm glad to see you finally realized to be senseful and give Me control over you and to decide what to do with you.

So little piggy, wanna play with your new Goddess? I am the ultimate princess of Persia baby. I am literally born to be a princess..... And I’ve taken up on My destiny perfectly and with greatest ease. I am the only one you need to worship from now on.

Did I finally allow for our chat to be finished and I’ve left you DRAINED? Awww, poor piggie... (NOT!) Add me to your favorites and you can play again when you get paid again!

I am Goddess Mercedes. International fitness supermodel, IFBB Figure Pro athlete and Fitness trainer.

I am a real superstar baby. A real woman you could NEVER get in real life without giving immensely financially. Make no mistake. I am not waiting for come-and-go sugardaddies. I am in it for a long-term “relationship” where you give and I receive. The way nature intended it to be! A man is designed to give to the woman he desired. A REAL woman. I am that REAL woman in your life from now on. Follow your INSTINCT, and GIVE to your new Goddess. I am here to take it all. After time, who knows, you might be lucky enough to see some appreciation from me!

Yeah, I am super hot and pretty damn spoiled as you can see and I have no intentions to ever change that.

YOU are going to make sure that I stay spoiled and get as spoiled as can be. That is your new destiny and life purpose from now on. See how I “reward” you in return. I might say hello on cam, then again I might not. It all depends on how I feel and how well you squeaked and spit out money before. I might have a little talk with you out of boredom, or I might not even give you a look and continue what I was doing, even though you’re still on the line and minutes are ticking away.. Did you deserve My time? Will any tribute ever be enough to deserve My time??? Play my game, and it will be your new thrill to find out! Who knows, I might start to “like” you as my #1 money pig and allow you to have a much bigger role in My life as my favourite money pig. Will you ever get to that point to find out and to have the honour to be My #1 paypig and have a bigger role in My life??? Play the game piggy! Nothing is more of a prize than the possibility to get closer to me, even as a paypiggy!

I accept a large variation of piggies, depending on how well they squeak and spit money when I squeeze them and how well they tribute to Me and My life. Over time the ones who squeak and spit out money best get more of My attention!

# Sugar Daddies
# Goddess and Princess Worship
# Leg and foot Worship
# Cuckolding tease and deny
# giving your money to ME instead of your wife
# human ATM machines designed only for ME.

As you can see, no pathetic coins in MY savings-Pig. Bills ONLY!!!!!!!!

Play my addictive and exciting PPV game! Who KNOWS what assignments I will have in them... Get ready to OBEY piggie! You have to start by game 1 and go on step by step from there. This is my Goddess' PPV game. My word is law, Play and obey. Those are the rules.

Lesson 1: Know your place!

My lessons are NECCESARY for you little piggies! This one includes a valuable lesson to know how to be a GOOD piggie, an extrordinary video of ME showing you your new lesson and 3 assignments (!!!) from me! You HAVE to start with lesson 1 and work your way up My piggy-ladder! NO cheating or you will be PUNISHED!!!

Lesson 2: WAIT for it! I will post it when I feel like posting it. You can WAIT and WONDER how beautiful I will look when you see me next and what my next video assignment for you will be!

Call me NOW piggy! And I EXPECT a 5* rating.

~ Goddess Mercedes