Phone Sex

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Don't worry, just let Me whip you into shape.

I know why you're here - those deviant desires won't stay down. you can't seem to suppress them, they torment you, tease you, keep you awake at night. There's no escape, you should know that by now.

Don't worry, pet, I've heard it all before. I'm not easily surprised. I am, however, quite easily amused.
So what shall we talk about? Tell Me. Confess.

And if you're afraid to speak up, just purchase My IDs - you can call up and just type as I whisper in your ear, no terrible confessions need leave your lips.

Just be careful about who's looking over your shoulder.

Cuckholds, foot fetishists, panty pervs, sissy bitches, maids, chastity suckers, boozy bitches, faggy sluts, slaves, cbt masochists, ponies, puppies, edgers, paypigs, call one and call all. Don't worry your little heads about anything, just let Me whip you into shape.

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