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Time to dress properly, get out your panties boi!

Dressing up my girly boi

Be my girly boi

I know you… You're the straight laced guy at the office. Always on time, tie on just right and your pants creased perfectly. Everyone assumes you this boring person at home, but we know better. In the back of your clothes rack I'm sure I'll find that secret stash of panties, bras, dresses and yup, even make up. Don't try to deny it, I can spot a sissy dresser from a mile away.

Let me dress you up. What are all those high heels for if not to wear? I'll pick out the most girly outfit you have, get out the whore red lipstick, and some pretty frilly panties. After all if you're going to entertain my girlfriends and I, you got to be at your most feminine.

What you crave and fear most is me exposing your secret. Imagine your co-workers surprise if I were to parade you through your office. Make you the main show in the lunch room. Bend over sissy! For the lunch we are featuring sissy ass taking it hard from behind. Keep that scene in mind the next time you wear your girly panties to the office under your fake work clothes!

You know this is the one I reeeally want... LOL ---)