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Spoil me because I'm gorgeous and you're a dummy!

Gorgeous people deserve money!

Stupid, stupid boi!

You actually think that my other listing are for you? That is the most laughable thing I've ever heard! Dorks like you sit alone in your closet playing with that disgusting thing trying to pass it off as a cock. Yeah right! Like anyone is going to believe that. Thought I was all nice and cutesy didn't you? Well I am but only for ACTUAL men. As for you, you're my little bitch I get to take my frustrations out on, but you love it! That's why you're here dummy!

Now, aside from amusing me and taking my abuse, you are here to make me happy. It's so painfully obvious you can't help me sexually so for that I'll relieve you of your money. Let's face facts, you are a loser and I'm beautiful therefore you are here to make my life easier. You think it is easy to be gorgeous, having icky disgusting slobs like you drooling over my body? Oh no it's not. This is when you step in and send me shopping, to the salon and out with my girlfriends.

I know... You think I'm going to notice you. Tell my girlfriends about this idiot that buys me things and worships me. It doesn't work that way, but you could try. Send me enough gifts and I might mention you on my next luncheon with my ladies. Crawl and wallow swine just make sure you make me happy!

You know this is the one I reeeally want... LOL ---)