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Handing over your $$$ has never felt so good.

It's play time!

Welcome to my world. It is a place you will look forward to spending your time and money. This is a game to me, one I fully intend on playing with your money. And just like many games there are rules...things you should know.

Number 1...I don't want you... but I do want to know ALL about you. I have questions that I would LOVE for you to answer.

Number 2...This is where I dedicate my time and my energy. I EXPECT you to show appreciation for the time I have invested to make this the most tantalizing, sexually frustrating, financially draining, exhausting, and humiliating experience, you have had. I enjoy teasing and taunting you. I will see how far I can push the line with you. You must be willing and able to adore ME, Spoil ME, Confide in ME, and Dedicate as much or as little of your time and money to ME as I see fit.

Number 3...And just so you aren't disappointed I feel it is only fair to tell you up front that I have found that those boys that call and have their cocks already in hand, hard, and bearly able to contain themselves long enough to get the cam on, well those boys tend not to enjoy my calls. So if you have ever been referred to as a 'minute man' you should probably save your money for someone else that won't expect more of you.

The moment of long are you going to make me wait?

If you contact me do not expect me to be mean and cruel. That just isn't me. I love to tease, if you want to hear my voice... you will pay for it. If you want to see my beautiful bouncing breasts... you will pay for it. And if you decide that you want to see my wet shaved pussy getting manipulated by my favorite toy, and squirting on cam as you watch me bring my own body to pleasure... you guessed it, you will pay.

And for those of you who want me to tell you, or better yet, show you all the things you will never be able to obtain with a woman such as myself, I am always more than happy to remind you.

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