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MaStuRbaTiOn TORTURE ♠ TeAsE♠ DeNy♠ HuMiLiAtE

Bitch In Charge

TiNy ReDnEcK PrInCeSs WiTh A bIg FuCkInG AtTiTuDe

hEy Jackass!
yeah you. I know you got your dirty dick in your hand. you See My hot little body and think I'm going to talk sweet and get you off???
Bitches Like u NEED a controlling brat to totally torture your cock.
I am the BRAT u will Stroke for. As soon As you cum close I will slap ur stupid hand away. Over and Over. I want to hear you cry! Ha HA!
Oh And if you do cum, you will get kicked square in the fucking nuts :)

♥ VeRbAl AsSaUlT ♥
♠ PhYsIcAl AbUsE ♠
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ThIs HoT LittLe ReDnEck Is WaY BeTTer ThaN u