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Your Owner


You are here because you were drawn here. A magnetic attraction to a vastly superior Goddess. And while you cannot explain why, my little pet, it just feels right.

It is simply a matter of time until you are begging me to take everything as you realize the fantasy you have had is finally coming true. The desire to lose it all, not by chance, but willingly handed over a the goddess you have only dreamed beauty will make you weak, and my words will make you mine.....

You are here simply because you know women are superior to men, and among women, I am perfection. there is no point in fighting, my pet, I already own you. You are mine.

You already know how superior women are to lowly men, especially men like you. Now you will learn what it feels like to feel my fingers of control around you, squeezing as you cry out for me, craving the pain and pleasure of serving, tributing, and willingly handing over your life. We will begin with the simple Wealth Transfer game.

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It all adds up, little one. You belong there, on your knees, pleading for some new way to please me. You kneel there, stripped before Me, unable to hide anything from your Goddess. Clothing on my piggies is very unbecoming and thoroughly unnecessary. You may dress to enter the outside world in order to make more cash for me, and then off again as you enter your real world, your real life, serving me.

Soon, you will get a new thrill every payday. Looking down at your paycheck, you will see a list of your standard deductions, and then a new one. FICA, social security, state taxes, and then, Goddess! How exciting it will be to see that amount increase over time, starting at 10%, then 15%, then 30% then 50%. In time, dear piggy, it will all go to me, and I will measure out every dime your are to receive. Place a note on your computer screen now that states "I am a worthless cashpig, and I exist simply to serve my Goddess." Then you may begin the games, taking the initial steps to being my property.