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You might be asking yourself why your here, why you took that little nasty turn on the internet, looking at dirty pictures, and then happen to stumble accross my profile. The reason is because your a pervert and you don't even know it yet. It's alright though, I'm a pervert too, and I enjoy it!

Your always looking at porn aren't you? Looking at hot girls, wanting and wishing you were inside them. Wishing you could feel the gushing of a pussy while she's cumming all over your dick. The problem is your a loser and no one looks at you, let alone fuck you.

You have these secret deviant fantasies about a girl like me on your arm, going to lingerie stores, however were there for you...not for me lol. We pick you out pretty frilly lingerie. I see you run your fingers up against the lace and pretty pink satin fringes. I understand your fantasy and I understand your need for frilly, girly things. I love to get you dressed up for me and prance you around at clubs where we play with lots of cock. Forcing you to go to glory holes, having you stuff your face and your ass with as much cock as possible. Yes darling, I plan on making you my number one little porn star, my number one little cum eating whore, and my number one slut.


Don't get me wrong, I love all fantasies, not just the sissy ones. Maybe your a cum eating faggot who enjoy's humiliation, or a man slut who loves the ladies but is to ashamed to live out your real fantasy. I can't even begin to tell you how many guys I have calling me who work in main stream jobs like politics, or high positions in companies, or company owners, business men and what not, calling to tell me they secretly wear panties to work, or they sniff their wifes panties, or love to be dominated by younger women. I love secrets, I have quite a few extremely taboo secrets of my own...ones that I can't write about...mmmm but I can talk about ;) wink wink. Are you into young ladies, cheat on your wife, use her dildo's while she is away at work? Come tell me your secrets. 


I'm also a kick ass, real life cuckold. You know your cock is to smal for me, in fact it is to small fo most of the women on planet earth. How many inches are you? 2, 3, 4? I'm here to tell you that anything under 8 is to small. It doesn't matter how much of a man YOU THINK YOU ARE, if you are under 8 inches your a pathetic excuse for a man. Cock size is everything to a woman, and the women to tell you it is the motion of the ocean are lying their asses off. The bigger the dick, the better, and usually, in most cases, it is a black man's cock that feels so much better inside me than yours. I have pictures of me fucking and sucking black men, or even white guys with amazingly huge dicks. All the pictures I have for sales are with men who are 10 inches and bigger. I AM the real deal baby! Talk to you soon!




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