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The Empathetic Whisperer


Having troubles in any aspect of your life(sex, family, relationships)? Do you need someone to talk to? An empathetic confidante? Have you been wanting to reveal a deep secret, or even a sweet taboo for such a long time, but there is no one around that you can trust or won’t put you in a bad light? Someone who won’t be quick to judge you? Someone who will open-mindedly hear what you have to say? Sometimes when you feel that the walls are closing in on you, you feel caged and shut out from the world as if everyone is against you and there is not one loyal friend to turn to…But hold on, stay strong, press on, I want to let you know that I care for you.
My name is Elizabeth and I will be your Empathetic Whisperer, I am not only the mouthpiece that will comfort and keep you company, but the ear that will genuinely listen to your every precious word, because on that other line is a sincere human and within her lies a soul that will feel your pain, confusion, your pending DESIRE..…I will amplify those feelings as you let them out ultimately leading you to a euphoric release, an unbelievable sense of freedom and completion. Remember again, you are not alone; whatever thoughts that have been harboring in your head, feelings that have been amassing in your heart, don’t suppress them, you can tell me, be willing to talk to me about ANYTHING….Speak your desires, speak your emotions. Let me understand you.

So if you need someone to listen and guide you, or if you simply need someone to laugh and have fun with, be in the presence of a vibrant essence because laughter is the best medicine in the world and the way to a happier being, call me.

*Note* I'm Filipina and I speak both English AND Tagalog. -Asian Filipino Accent is possible upon request of course-