Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

For years, my Treasures have longed to talk to me, and it hasn't been possible. Now, for the first time, you can have my live, ongoing attention on a daily basis. I check messages througout the day, at least every few hours when I am awake, and am often available for active conversation from 8 pm to 3 am PST.

Every day there is a different Chat Pic of the Day -- Will it be of my afternoon walking path, or of my ass, barely camouflaged by lace? You will only know if you Chat me to ask for the day's Pic!

Furthurmore, there is always an Amazon Wish List Bounty Gift. When you buy that gift, Chat me to let me know, and you get the (very sexy) Reward Pic of the Month.

Please send all messages previously directed to my e-mail here! I can't wait to utilize this new way of Arousing and Manipulating you!

Choose Your Own Devotion


Please your Goddess with this Game of Obedience, Chance, and Arousing Commands!


This game is for Treasures who enjoy the excitement of pay-to-play ways to spoil and please your Goddess. For Treasures who feel gratified by how sexy I think it is for you to offer tribute for the privilege of being commanded as to how I want you to adore me. I want to know how grateful you are to have the opportunity to Obey. (Obedience is Arousal, Arousal is Obedience)


When you play, you get to make choices in two phases, paying a Tribute (from within the Chat, a great feature!) equal to the cost of each selection you make. Your two choices will lead you to 1 of 24 specific acts of devotion you may perform to Please me. (Including when you have been generally instructed by a recording's programming to do something to Please me before orgasm, or after Teasing.)


The first choice is of 9 categories, ranging in price from Free to $53. The second choice is from the three options in each category, and can be played in one of two ways. The default setting is blind choice: you pick a number, 1, 2, or 3, and I reveal the price (usually $3, $6, or $9). Once the price is paid, I reveal the action. At the Treasure's request, we can also play allowing you to choose from the prices, after which I reveal your instruction.


Phase One: Menu of Categories


Charity Devotion (Free)

Spoiling Devotion ($3 – min. $20 task budget)

Creative Devotion ($9)

Self-Care Devotion ($15)

Chat Devotion ($18)

Edging Devotion ($21)

Ritual Devotion ($27)

Power Surrender ($33)

Total Devotion ($53 unlocks all eight other categories, triple Devotion Points)


Devotion Points


Your overall Devotion Score will show how much effort you are really putting into Adoring your Goddess. One point is awarded for each dollar spent on Phase 1 and Phase 2 choices. Additional points are awarded for certain Devotion activities.


Here is a chart to tell what your Devotion Score says about you:


  • 0 – 24 Just testing the waters, you have barely begun to let yourself Surrender.

  • 25 – 50 It feels so good to Please me, you have begun to crave a new Devotion as soon as you finish the last. This level shows promise and makes me eager to see how far you'll go.

  • 50 – 74 From this level, I can tell that you are definitely a Good Treasure. Devotions are beginning to have a profound impact on your life, your feelings of adoration and satisfaction.

  • 75 – 99 My breath quickens, you are about to cross a line that I particularly love, and your momentum will carry you right over. You are falling so deep now that trance takes on a whole new quality.

  • 100 – 149 Your Obedience is so Pleasing, your Devotion lights me and feeds me. You have passed a peak of particular Spoiling Arousal.

  • 150 – 199 You really are one of my Best Treasures, and you can feel that deep in your cock.

  • 200 – 250 I am so deep inside your mind, your life, your sexuality that you are beginning to lose track of where I stop and you begin.

  • 250+ My most devoted Treasures, you make my heart float and my loins tingle. I am so proud of you, and would love to Chat all about the impact of such diligent effort that has Pleased me so well!


In addition to being among the my very Favorite Treasures, when you pass 100, 150, 200, and 250, you get to make a request for a subject of the Chat Pic of the Day! (I, of course, retain ultimate authority for interpretation and veto.)


Finally, you can Pass, and move on to the next Devotion. Your first Pass costs $5, your second $10, third $15, etc. I encourage you to use this option only when something is truly impossible for you, and the rates will go up if you option is abused! Devotions should put you out of your comfort zone, embrace it.


Send me a Chat with your first selection and Tribute! I can't wait to play with you.