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Penye Layne

Adult Chat Fantasy for History Buffs

Gentlemen, if you are into history as much as I am; this fantasy was created just for you. Have you ever wanted to re-create some famous timelines in history, but give them an “adult” spin? I have some exciting historical fantasies that I am just waiting to explore with you. Don’t know where to begin? Let me give you some ideas:

If you are dominant and into the Civil War era, I can be a Southern Mistress on a plantation; waiting to have her house taken over by Northern troops. You will be tired, dirty and hungry. It will be my job to cook, bathe, and provide you with a clean uniform, in addition to seeing that your every need is met.

Or, if the Renaissance era appeals to you, we can fantasize about “merry ole Tudor England”. You, as the king will need to be treated that way, both day and night by myself and my lady-in-waiting. Your every wish is my command, and sometimes, it will take both women to make your wishes fulfilled. We are ready to serve you in both private chambers and at Court.

Finally, for all of you Neanderthals, there is the Caveman Fantasy. Every time I am around you I grunt, moan, and squeal with delight as you pull my hair and throw me over your shoulder. You every desire I must succumb to, as I am helpless and in need of your strength and wisdom. Don’t forget, there isn’t much to do inside of caves and it is a priority to always stay warm.

I also have a few more fantasies if needed, but I can pretty much work with any period of time.

Come, let’s really delve into unexplored history and learn about things that we never read before in our texts. Call me, I’m waiting for you.

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