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Sinfully Twisted

Deviantly Twisted Corruption ~ Give in puppet!

Is it all about smoking or losing yourself as I take control?
While you ponder what Mystery awaits you as you slip into My mesmerizing trance, think about being...
Lost and found...
While you lose your dignity on a cloud of smoke, you find your purpose behind My visions...

Although this listing is talored towards the smoking fetish, in reality it is all about exploring of your Dark side and submission to My deviant mind and powerful will. The topics I enjoy aren't sparse and you may find some of the examples below.

For the rest of you, why don't we start with Forced Intoxication by all and any means. My twisted mind will take you deeper then you`ve ever been to in the past. Limits don`t exsist with Me and before you realize it you will be seduced by My deceptively sweet nature, hypnotized by My sensual voice and find yourself addicted more then you`ve intended to be in the first place.

Warm, Generous and Loving...

Bask in My warm smoke as I blow it in you face
With amount of cigarettes and ashes I force you to consume
Every moment I spend pushing you past your limits

Watch mesmerized as I draw hot opaque smoke between My lips. Helpless, pray you get to be forever lost in it`s bewitching cloud.
Do I know what you need? Do I understand your cravings? Yes, My sweet, and I take you into that dark, smoke filled Realm, seducing you into submission and loss of control. Twisted, deviant and sadistic, enjoying your downfall...
Your struggling amuses Me.
Your suffering arouses Me...

Smoking pictures
Smoking in red latex cat suit 3 for $7

Decadent smoking 3 for $7.00

Smoking fetishes
Forced smoking, forced inhalations,intense ashtray/bucket training, chain smoking, forced feminization, smoking sluts,lung damage, forced nicotine addiction, cigarette torture/branding.

Deceptive calm and dripping honey hide the destructive force. Cruelty is so much more enjoyable when I deliver it with sweetest smile and words. Sultry, seductive and oh, so twisted
Things that interest Me:
Smoking. Foot Worship. Torture, physical and emotional. Suffering is good for your soul and I give you healthy doses of each. Branding, trampling and smothering. CBT is always so therapeutic. Nylon worship, mmmm on the softer side but so sinful... Conditioning, brainwashing. Modification of your appearance and sexual preferences. Glory hole training, sissification and objectification. Sexual addictions and perversions. Unacceptable topics and behavior include disrespect, discussions about things strictly prohibited on NiteFlirt, topping from the bottom and disappointments.

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