Phone Sex

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Hey you pathetic whimp.
I bet you have on your little panties and are hovering in a corner with that phone in your hand. I bet you want to touch your tiny little cock, BUT DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO THAT. HELL NO.
You need a forceful woman to boss you around. My guess is you are probably some control freak asshole in real life. I can just imagine it. In public you tell everyone what to do. You are a hot shot. But behind closed doors you long for a woman to be in charge. You long to lose control. But then you say to yoursefl, I am so powerful in the real world, how can this be my fetish. WELL IT IS YOUR FETISH ASSHOLE! DENIAL IS NOT GOING TO WORK NOW. LOOK AT YOURSELF.
Be prepared to worship, love and respect me.
Don't forget to bring your wallet.
I know you can't find a woman like this in the real world because they all think you are a hot shot.
I know I am right. I don't care what you do for work, or how much money you have, who gives a shit.
I own you bitch.