Phone Sex

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Talk All You Want to, I Don't Hear a Thing!

So you think you have something really important to tell me that just can’t wait? Let me guess, you want to tell me all about your secret desires, thrilling conquests and other adult topics? Maybe you get turned on by being ignored or having your advances not responded to. If so, this fantasy is just for you.

Here is what happens: talk, talk, all you want to. I won’t answer. You can plead, get angry, or try to entice me with all of your charms, but you still won’t get an answer from me.

I am just going to go on about my day as if you don’t exist and the conversation you are having with me is imaginary. In the end, I can do three things: hang-up after a pre- determined amount of time as agreed by us, become annoyed with your persistence that I finally tell you off, or acknowledge you and tell you and summarize your fantasy so you know I really have been listening to you. The choice is yours, but be prepared, you will be ignored.

Call now, I’m waiting and ready to ignore.