Phone Sex

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can you give me a ride home after babysitting?


Need a babysitter? I'm available ;)

But when you get back, can YOU drive me home to my
apartment? I mean, your wife probably won't mind, she
will be exhausted from a night out! Don't mind if I snuggle
over to your side of the car, I mean it's chilly out! If I put
my hand on your knee...and even further up, would it be ok?

When we get to my apartment,
would you walk me in? I mean, it's kind of dark in there, you never know what kind of pervert might be waiting inside! I have stuff to make you a little drink if you want before you leave...I'm super good at making cocktails I've been told! Can you stay for a few minutes PLEASE?!?
Thanks SO much! I'm kind of
freaked out here by myself at
this time of night! Would you like
to sit on the couch while I make
you a cocktail? My jeans got
kind of wet so if you don't mind
I'm just gonna slide those off...
So tell me all about your
night out! You were at the
club...did some of those hot
girls there make you horny?
Well...I have to confess, I
find you pretty sexy in your
suit and tie, maybe you'd like
to get out of that shirt and
tie, just kind of relax just a
bit? I know I'd like it.....

Call me for some kinky hot phone sex...I'm not your
average girl, I actually LOVE IT ;) hope you'll call soon....

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