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Hopeless slave-girl

Please tell this little girl a sexy bedtime story?

Hello there, kind Sir! :o)

May this little girl describe herself a little so that she might be chosen from so many others to spend a few minutes talking with You?

I'm a sweet, young, innocent one who lives alone without the presence of a Master of my own. I just moved, and being all by my lonesome with no guidance and no one to care for me or make the rules is very scary for me.

Master, I hope you find me sweet and worthy of your precious moments.

I... am unopened as of yet, shy and innocent and inexperienced but *extremely* submissive and a girly-girl. *blushes* I can be very naughty with a strong Master who knows just how to command me once I get over my shyness, that is! I am a hopeless romantic too, and the right words can be as effective against me as the right tone of voice.

Deep down, I pine to submit to a Master who knows all of my secrets, who controls me with every beat of His heart. He is not afraid to put me over his lap and spank me when I've been bad. I have a *vivid* imagination but prefer to let Him set the scene to His tastes and fancy, I am here for His pleasure.

If the Master wishes to know, this girl is between 5'3" and 5'4", curvy, with soft pale skin, silky hair, and gentle but sparkling blue eyes. I don't have any rules, Master, but I should warn you I don't have a webcam, and am much too shy for that or to send anything but demure (innocent) pictures of myself.

If Master so desires, He can call this girl right now ... please be patient with my inexperience and timidness, I seek to please You as much as I can. I am the most genuine submissive here, though, I do believe - if you give me time and the chance to discover my secrets.

I am innocent and inexperienced, but under Your hand I will blossom into the flower I truly am.

Thank you, Master, for your consideration! xoxo (Yes, those are my lips.)

I'd love to talk, and your first THREE minutes are free on NiteFlirt!

10$ Tip / gift to take care of me if I'm a good girl, thank you! *curtsies like a proper princess*

A picture of my G-cup breasts in my red bra *blush*

Three pics of my cute feet and pedicured toes (dark red polish) Please note: I cannot do calls regarding bestiality or incest. Thank you very much for your consideration in that, I need to not be corrupted to the point I feel like my soul is rotting, as I'm a very good girl...