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Arizona Dominatrix

Sensual & Sadistic Female Domination

The tips of your nerve endings tingle when you hear the sound of My voice roll over your ears like sweet honey. The sound is so overwhelming it will bring you to your knees where you should be. Submitting to Me means escaping to a place where you aren’t the one in charge a Beautiful Sensual Dominate Female who rules with strong loving authority is in control; so much so, you feel it from the moment you hear Her voice. This escape to My Domination gives you the freedom that you don’t have in the world where you are in control. I set you free… to be you, because I accept you completely without judgment. By giving yourself to Me, you receive complete acceptance...your dark desires, thoughts, and fetishes become instruments in a musical piece that I deviously compose....your submission arouses all of My inner desires to use you....Come to me let’s play, let me train you and give you that escape you seek. I am a sensually seductive Domme that is nurturing and sweet with a wicked sadistic side. From my smooth voice to My captivating eyes My presence radiates a pure natural Dominance. I am very in touch with Myself as a person and more importantly as a nurturing Dominate Female. I am a good Domme because I understand you…I know why you have these needs, and I know that they will never go away…and that only I can make you whole. I have an amazing imagination. I have a very good idea of how your mind works. I am very intuitive and I will find the center of you, what motivates you, and which keys to turn in order to unlock your submission and take complete mental and physical control of you …I know you and soon you shall know Me. I’m going to take you to My World, where everything is My way, to entertain Me, to benefit Me. In My world true subs are each precious gifts that I care for, and mold to deliver ultimate happiness, My rare jewels each perfect in their own special way. I specialize in slave, slut & sissy Training, Financial Domination, Lust manipulation, fear, and Mind Control. I love spankings!! I adore body worship especially foot worship. It is a great privilege to have my delicate toes in your face, one you will have to earn. My top 2 fetishes are Bondage & Forced Femme…..ahh the joy to find a sub who can endure both!! I only seek to interact and Dominate subs that are articulate with above average intelligence & cognitive ability that possess class & taste, and that have a sense of humor. I yearn for experienced subs, my heart races to the challenge. My soul sours at the thought of taking you further than you have been taken before, to really push your limits to know that you will hold your safe word in your mouth as though it's a sacred seed you are not permitted to spill. Come to me my dark angel its time to go further.