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cuckold coach for both newbies and experienced

As a Cuckoldress I am a cuckold coach for you. I will train you to accept what She requires of you.
Is your woman weaning you off of intercourse?

It's usually about the cock, it's size and how it is wielded by Alpha men for Her. Maybe you have a decent sized penis, yet you don't use it confidently. Your sexually submissive nature means that she will probably need other lovers. The cuckold way of life is approached slightly different for males who actually do have a large endowment.

Most days I'm available to take calls by 5 pm or 7 pm EST through 10:30 pm EST.

Have things happened in your marriage that make you feel that a cuckolded relationship or male chastity may work for you?

If you are having difficulty adjusting to being a cuckold, and I'm not available right now, buy this 6 minute audio introduction for $3.00 here.

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Maybe you are accustomed to her having sex with other men. Now she wants your friends and family to know about what a wimp you are and how sexually free she is, since you can't please her. Click this button below to purchase my 11 minute advice audio in my voice for $3.50.

It is also about power exchange and knowing your place.

She will discipline you if you displease or disobey Her.

Buy my 7 minute audio about what life is like under my or another strong woman's orgasm control for only $5.00!

There are certain protocols that are to be followed in a Woman led relationship. Let's talk so you can do what is required to please Her, being a good husband/partner/cuckold!

Has your girlfriend become more and more Dominant?

Have you had experiences you need to talk about?

Is your woman requiring you to wear a chastity device? Male chastity devices can spice up marriages and relationships even for those couples who aren't in the cuckold lifestyle.

One male I've been coaching along his chastity journey with his Wife recently wrote: "Is it normal for me to start feeling she is superior to me? Is this the 14 days without release affecting me, my new custom fit metal chastity device 24-7 or just my new reality so I better get used to it?

I feel like I gave her all of the control in our relationship and I feel relieved by it. I feel relieved that she tells me what to do and I am shocked that she understands this and has agreed and adopted this new philosophy immediately. I think when she says “If I would have known this 15 years ago, I would have locked you up then”.

She really means my wee-wee is insignificant but I wish I would have put that insignificant piece of flesh in its proper place years ago because I now realize that the wife needs to own him completely. That she now realizes that it is the natural order for her to be the boss of me. To literally own my arse and run me ragged at her whim. She is getting off (unexpectedly in her eyes) on not just telling me to jump like my boss but getting off on reprimanding me when I don’t immediately ask “how high”.

I am beginning to know my place, she is absolutely noticing how dependent I am now on her and it is a huge turn on for her. She is absolutely turned on by me on my knees now. She absolutely is turned on by me licking her pussy locked up, not just because it is pleasurable but mostly because it subjugated me.

This is mind blowing and her potential for dominating me in her special way I still limitless. She is such a natural. I’m amazed!"

Women, direct your beta male to call me to learn just how common it is for males to live within their submissive nature, letting you lead. This can make your life easier. he won't be allowed to release unless you've given him permission. Hopefully he is in chastity and couldn't release even if he wanted to!
Perhaps he was helpful when your Alpha Man was visiting or stayed out of the way and you want your cuckold to have a treat by talking about Him with me.

If you are sexually submissive, your needs are vastly different than an Alpha male and you know the rush of being submissive.

Have you serviced men whose 'body part' is bigger than yours?

Did you feel that it was expected simply because yours is smaller?

Here is a 7 minute audio recording in my voice for $5.00 of a sissy maid who finds himself at his ex-girlfriend's house. In hopes of being given permission to "release", he gives his first blowjob to her husband.

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Has your prostate been milked recently?

Does your Woman use a strap on or a hand held device on you?

Or do you secretly wish she would?

Maybe if you've never been trained before She slides a butt plug into you.

She then tells you to watch tv or do chores while you think about the fact that you'll never enter a woman with your penis again.

11 minute audio in my voice of preparation of a beta male to be penetrated by her lover for purchase for $3.50, click here! Learn what might happen to you!

Does your wife or girlfriend like to have parties with several of her girlfriends?

You imagine how this party will be, and maybe naked women dance in your thoughts.

Then you find out that the only one naked is you, at least under that feminine apron!

Sometimes the party is just about Her showing her friends how well you serve Her.

Maybe this time She brings in a man for you to service or be used by.

She tells you to get on all fours.

You are humiliated and turned on, because now you will be penetrated by not just her strap on, but a real live Alpha Male Cock.

All of these eyes upon your most private areas.

Everything is happening at once! You feel more alive than ever before.

Has a Dominant Woman told you to clean her after she has gone out with another man and come home to you?

Is she more excited than you've ever seen her before, now that you have your tongue where another man was recently?

Let's talk about what is required of you and how to please her best.

A real life submissive situation can be ideal or hell.
If ideal, the parameters are set ahead of time....there is trust, and a deep bond of caring.
You are Hers completely.
You do as she says.

She cares about your well being, but not your comfort.
The more you endure for Her, the happier she is.

You serve Her.
All that she wants, any way she wants it.

She will retrieve your secrets,

She will push past your boundaries.
Are you regularly disciplined?
She will take you to places within yourself that you never even knew existed.
This is just the beginning.

Please note that I don't advise 'switches' males who believe that they are dominant and play submissive sometimes.

If you make a mistake while we are speaking about Her having sex with Her lover (unless your Woman has given you permission to release) I expect you hang up and lick up your mess.

No webcam available.