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Queen Passionate

Teased and Denied by the Hypnotic Villainess



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Queen Passionate

Teased and Denied by the Hypnotic Villainess

You are not going to cum again, until you do it MY way.
Until you squirt... helplessly... mindlessly... deeply under My hypnotic control.

You will not even remember your own name.

All of my words are triggers
You will simply be a mindless, brainwashed submissive...
Responding automatically...instantly... to each and every one of My commands.


Hypnotic Villainess 1 mp3 mp3, Hypnotic Villainess 1, Sex and Obedience

Hypnotic Villainess 2 mp3 mp3, Hypnotic Villainess 2, Spiral Trance

Hypnotic Villainess 3 mp3 mp3, Hypnotic Villainess 3, Tic-Toc

Hypnotic Villainess 4 mp3 mp3, Hypnotic Villainess 4, Brainwash

Hypnotic Villainess 5 mp3 mp3, Hypnotic Villainess 5, Love Slave

Pink Spiral A simple spiral is all I will use, at first...
And My soothing, sexy voice... sliding into your mind... sliding into your brain... like hot, wet, slippery sex.

I will relax you so deeply, your mind will simply obey... as the spinning spiral caresses your brain with irresistable waves of hypnotic power.

Your desire will grow, and become focused exclusively on Me... the scent of My perfume, laced with erotic pheromones... the feel of My satin-smooth skin... and the taste of Me... you want to taste of Me... you want to slide your hot, wet tongue up inside Me, and please Me! Oooooooh! But not yet, slave! Not until I have control of your mind. And I will have complete control... much sooner than you think!

Eye Wheel Soon, you find the sound of My voice has become your strongest trigger. Watch the spiral spin... spin... as you become aroused with an adolescent lust, just like a hypnotized schoolboy. Cock stiffening. Put your hands down, boy... I'll tell you when!

You cannot resist My commands. The harder you struggle, the faster My voice slips over your will. I encase your mind with My sex. The feeling is just like soft, warm pussy lips sliding up and down over your cock. Your hips begin to pump, full of heat and throbbing desire for Me. Sex without end, as I fuck your body and your mind!

You are like a stone held in My hand, just below the surface of the deepest waters. I release you... and you drop so easily into the endless depths of My power.

Sliding into a bubble now... It feels like sex... Like lips enveloping you completely. Inside the bubble is a void. It is a blank space into which you fall... without weight, without mass, and without thought.

Tic-Toc... I must obey the Queen. Queen is hypnotizing me. Yes My Queen, hypnotized. We are one with My voice. You must obey, you have no choice. Eyes on My crystal. Eyes on the rock. Stare into My eyes. Stare and lock! Worship the Queen with your hardening cock!

Queen Passionate Tic Toc
Instructions for Hypnotic Villainess 3:
You will open this image on your computer, and turn off your screen saver.

Yearn to be brainwashed by the woman you worship.
Queen Passionate, the Hypnotic Villainess of your mind.