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I have been trained by an EXCELLENT Master on how to be Dominant to weak minded idiot, embarrassing excuses for a cock "boys" just like you; I'll twist you around My thumb & have you begging for more!!! My Master wants Me to find a good sub for ME to use & abuse... Is that you? you'll NEVER be a Real Man, your place is on the ground, at My feet (& licking them CLEAN), always groveling you maggot asswipe... sub males are not deserving to be considered actual men. They are pathetic devoted "pets" to their one & true Goddess, eager to please Me. I am aware there are many different kinds of sub males, so when we have a show where I command you to do my bidding, I DEMAND that you tell Me what kind of sub you are. A begger of Pussy & Ass licking / cleaning? cumeater? cuckold? sissy? piggy bank? whore? Even just someone with an inferiority complex about the itty-bitty tininess on your pathetic dick, etc...? What kind of props, toys & other items might you have on hand for Me to make you use on yourself for My enjoyment...? I want to push My subs to their limits (That's what I enjoy about being submissive, but being in CONTROL is HOT too). Since I am a switch, I know what it's like to be a sub & so I KNOW your dirty mind already & what kinds of things you want to be forced to do under My control... I was trained by the BEST in Domination & it doesn't take Me much to put Myself in your mind (of which there isn't much of one, HA!) & push your limits to the edge!!! How intensely do you wish to be controlled by Me? I do believe in safety words & I will not push you further than you can go, the Goddess / sub (slave) relationship is built on trust & I believe in that. But I WILL PUSH you as far as you let Me take you...

In real life, I am a very kind person, the only reason I can Dominate lowlifes like you is that I KNOW it's what you NEED & desire. Do not be afraid to tell Me if something we're trying is not doing it for you, Unless he's being punished, I do want My bitch to enjoy himself. So DON"T keep quiet! Understood...?

I am your Perfect Goddess you pathetic tiny dicked loser! Call Me NOW shithead & BEG Me to lick my Gorgeous Pussy & Tight Asshole, but you'd BETTER do it REALLY well (if you're even capable! HA!!!) or you'll be sorry you pathetic good for nothing piece of shit... Cum BEG to serve Me while I laugh at your sorry ass tiny cock! You MIGHT get the honor of serving Me while I serve a REAL Man; my Master. I'll ignore your idiot ass while I am fulfilling His every sexual demand; something I'd never do for the likes of a retard like YOU!!! Whereas you are my lowly pet eating your slop from your doggie bowl on the floor, begging to fulfill My every command, whether it be financial, domestic or if you are EXTREMELY lucky, sexual. I own you slave boy & you WILL give My Amazingly Soft Body back & foot massages as I demand them & you WILL worship My Sexy Feet or I will toss you away like the disgusting worthless piece of used Kleenex that you are!!!

I LOVE to role-play!!! The KINKIER the BETTER!!! I'm very open-minded, but I do like to know what kinds of things YOU like, I want to make sure I'm going in the right direction... I'm a great switch too! I can be dominant or be a slave, for those who like to switch it up sometimes...

I have all sorts of toys; ball-gag, whip/riding crop, paddles, cat of nine tails, nipple clamps, clothespins, collar & leash, wrist & ankle restraints, blindfold, anal beads, dildos, anal plug, bullets, pantyhose, outfits (Dominatrix (PVC & latex), nurse, school-girl & maid), stilettos, objects, bottles, vegetables, lipstick to write on myself with, baby oil & much more!

Are you prepared to be My bitch? Can you handle it? I doubt it! LOL!!!

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