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Blackmail Hypnosis

Blackmail Hypnosis Embedded Addiction

How is it that smart men become pay pig sluts? Answer: Blackmail Hypnosis
Of course, I am referring to the head of your cock, THAT'S WHERE THE TRANCE BEGINS . . . .
The cock head corrupts you the instant you hear my tiny Asian voice command you. Something clicks and subspace takes you over.
My power is slowly dissolving your will even now.
I strip you of all manhood, mind or will, and just leave the dick available for my use. You have no chance of escape live on the phone. You might want to start with my MP3s rather than risk instant addiction.
Look down at your dick now, AND TRY TO TELL ME I am not in control here, lol. Taking the money is taking the power away from you. Fucking other men is my natural right because you can't have any claim on me! YOU ARE JUST A HYPNOTIZED SLAVE!
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