Phone Sex

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Maestra Sadie Dusaga

I Deserve to be Pampered; you deserve to be used!

You don't even know what to do with yourself. Luckily for you, I do. I'm sure you worked very very hard to make all that silly money, but in the presence of a truly strong and beautiful woman such as I,
you will find I have ways of: telling, demanding, convincing, explaining, tricking, teasing, and sweetly, sexily, coaxing you out of that hard-earned cash.

And deep down, you know I deserve it more. You can see in the glimpse of cleavage, the powerful gleam in my eye, the gorgeous profile, my expensive tastes, that the money already belongs to me. Beautiful women attract beuatiful things, why stand in the way of that natural attraction?

You're just the middleman, and while I lighten the burden of all of those heavy finances, the sound of my voice and my manipulative mind will get you a bit hard.

The wisp of the cash leaving your pocket will brush against you stiffening, and knowing that I will take whatever *I* deem appropriate puts you in your proper place, out of control and at my whim.

You don't have to like it, but you *will* do it. Whether you want to or not, you'll find yourself giving, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, more and more of your dollars or euro to enhance my luxe lifestyle. You just can't help yourself, can you?