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Enter a state of disoriented nirvana- sadistic, yet intimate violence. I am the duality of a being, the individual both loving and heartless. The embodiment of woman in that my temperament is as changing as the tides. Dreams made flesh. Incredibly strong, always in control, I command the respect and attention of all those around me. Hardly a cruel bitch unless greatly angered or offended, I am formidable but not unapproachable. You would do well to never cross me as forgiveness is not easily obtained. Begging and groveling will only drive me to increase your pain and punishment while flattery will get you absolutely nowhere. My desires are expressed through my eyes so you had best be looking. My affection for you is real, so too is my contempt. I enjoy scenarios of humiliation that are elaborate transformations. Everything I do is both theatrically exaggerated and ultimately real. An ounce of real pleasure, real pain, real submission, is worth more to me than a ton of fake. I will break you of your self devotion, and recreate you as a willing toy to use and play with as I see fit. You will come to crave my violations of your mind and body as I guide you to a world of incredible sensations. I am the Don Juan of strap on. The God of Fuck. Having your writhe on my spear while crying out like the slut you are is my utmost satisfaction. You would do well not to label me as I am capable of great and terrible things you can not even fathom. I thrive off of your reactions. Show me your love and devotion through your quaking body and wide eyes and I shall coo in your ear with a devilish smile on my lips while enrapturing your entire being. Just as you pass the corner of Divinity Avenue I will bring all of you trembling to a dead stand still. Generous admirers may contact me for my wish lists or surprise me with a variety of gift certificates. I'm 6 feet tall, thick and curvy with a DD chest and Amazonian attitude to match.