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T-Girl Lori Love

Unlimited Possibilities - REAL T-Girl

You see me across the dance floor.  You are instinctively drawn to the way I move my body to the beat of the music.  The way my hands sensually glide over my skin as I dance seductively instantly wakes up that heat seeking missile between your legs. At this point, you know you have to have me.  You can't take your eyes off of me. I smile at you in a way that lets you know I'm feeling it too.  You make your way through the crowded dance floor and approach me.  As you stand in front of me, no words are spoken between us.  Our bodies move closer together until we are dancing as one.  The heat we are generating between us is almost unbearable.  It's not long before we are groping each other wildly like something you'd see in a porno movie.  We hear and see nothing but each other.  The activity around us is non existent as we are lost in our own world of lust.


You look into my eyes letting me know that you need more.  You can see by the look of pure arousal in my eyes that I need it too.  You take my hand and lead me off the dance floor stopping only long enough to devour my mouth with your eager lips.  As I softly groan against your lips, you pull back and maneuver us through the crowd out the front door.  By this time, you are practically dragging me but I don't care.  We arrive at your car and we both rush inside, again grabbing at each other as soon as the doors are closed.  You kiss me almost painfully as you rip at my clothing to get your hands on my hot body.   You have no idea what surprise is awaiting you underneath my skirt.  But the question is....will that stop you?  Pick up the phone and call me so we can continue the story....

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