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Campus Cutie

Are you alone? Wifey gone? Time to serve Cindy :)

I'm a total brat, but a very cool kinda girl. I lost my virginity at 18 (and yes pervert I'm still 18), and getting my virgin pussy licked was awesome.

Just so you know, I don't plan on letting YOU lick my pussy..anytime in your meager life, but hey we can talk about it...or perhaps pretend. I bet you do alot of pretending right? Poor wifey is too busy being a soccer mom to pay attention to you..haha what a loser.

So is that why you are staring at my hot pics? Desperate to beat off or maybe your just a horn dog who can't get enough of loving At any rate, I bet my footsie pic has you all out of sorts eh drool maggot? I had no idea you geeks liked feet so much, until I met my older lover. He was mesmerized by not only my feet, but ass, legs, the whole nine! He wound up being my sex slave, andddddd he spoiled me rotten! There wasn't anything I would want that sorry sap didn't get. I sent him home to his idiot girlfriend with my sweet pussy on his breath.(giggle) Too bad for him though....I kicked the pervie to the curb because I got bored with him. However, I realized I like submissive men way too much to let that part of my life go. Unfortunately guys around my side of town aren't up to speed on making a girl happy. Even sexually. Dorks!

You men are such morons. Thinking with your dicks. Never realizing we (us women) are totally more powerful than you are. Am I too smart for my age and own good? Fuck yea. But I'm sure you like it wimp.

So here's the deal. I'm a college student and I like sex, money, being in charge of your stupid life....... that sorta thing. I like men who are willing to support my posh campus life andddd chip in on my tuition. Well fuck chip in..just pay for it silly. Send me shopping and keep me happy with money. Oh and orgasms!

I have like this sick collection of vibes and porn. Maybe we can get off... I masturbate like all the time. I can't help it. Well, that's what happens when you experiment with your body and discover the total hotness of cumming! yummy!

If there is anything you want to talk me. I'm a pretty open minded girl. I will warn you though I'm sarcastic, sometimes rude..haha and I am dominant but not overpowering if you actually have the balls to say your not submissive. At any rate, I'm not a mind reader so tell me what you like..k?

See ya! xoxo Cindy
Listen up, if you want to call yourself a money slave...and finance my schooling, my lifestyle, or just as a thank you because I'm like sooo better than you..sacrfice stupid and make a tribute. The buttons aren't here for JUST BECAUSE. And don't click thinking that will get my attention..haha..I need to see the cash comprende'?
OH WOW $25 bucks..yea right..give it to me
Your a disgusting low life and that's why you will hand over $75
Just because I like share oxygen with you, I want $500 lol
Oh, and this button? Is for a guy that just knows he is worthless, and a real money slave I might add!.haha!