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Torri Secret

Call Me, Sit Back, Unzip & We Can Take a Load off

My name is Torri and I have few things I want you to know about me, before we get started.

I'm that girl in school that you always wanted that you near had. I'm what they call a MILF also fit the new term of a "Cougar". I am proud to be considered both. I am a tall brunette (5'11) who loves both men and women. I love all men and yes ANY size. I also do not have a preference on race/color. Everyone is unique in their own way, why single anyone out. I mean why should I limit myself? As for women, I love them too. There is nothing more sensual than a soft voluptuos woman.

What's my style?: I am very teasing, and very expressive about how much I am enjoying a session. I am honestly excited and happy to be doing it, and don't hide my pleasure with a cockstroker who's well behaved and follows instructions well. I can be strict and forceful and demanding - and even when I am being more playful and fun, I am still these things - but it is not my natural style to be a severe Mistress-type Masturbatrix.

I enjoy roleplay, setting up a scene where the caller and I are together, and describing what I would do to make it difficult if not impossible to keep him from having an orgasm. More often, though, a session with me will be real-time, guided masturbation, extreme teasing, me telling you what to do, how to do it, and for how long. When you first call or write, be very specific with your interests, preferences, limitations and expectations. I will keep you stroking for as long as your finances will allow, but I have no interest in extending the session just so that it will cost more. Please tell me what is a comfortable spending limit for you, and I will plan our session accordingly.

What I expect: Complete obedience, obviously! No orgasms EVER without permission. Accidents will happen, but punishments will be set forth and strictly imposed. I love hearing begging, pleading, moaning, I love hearing "I can't stroke it any more! I have to stop!". This is fine, but we will have to decide upon a "safe word" of sorts, that you can use when you literally cannot touch your cock anymore without orgasm. Any other pleas to stop will just encourage me to tease you more and make you stroke faster.

What to have with you: Hands and cock, of course! Some lubrication is helpful to have too. Beyond that, bring any toys that you enjoy playing with - cockrings, spreaders, stretchers, anal toys, tape, sleeves - anything that you enjoy playing with that will enhance your experience. Tell me at the start of our session what you have with you, and I will work that into our session. And if you choose to only bring your cock and hands...I can do wonders with those alone too.
I am definitely not shy about using my womanly charms - all of them - to seduce and captivate you.

You'll learn more about me soon. For now, all you need to know is this: I know my way around a man's body and mind, and once you're in the grasp of my seductive charms, you'll never want to be released.