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Queen Passionate

Your tiny dick must BEG 4 My permission

Queen Passionate

Hypnotizing you till your little worm doesn't work anymore!

Yes, you're already stroking that tiny little "mushroom" between your legs, looking at My breasts... And you can't even keep it HARD, can you?  That soft, little sausage just can't get stiff!

How pathetic!  You stroke, and you rub...  Faster... a little faster!  FASTER!  And that tiny dick just shrivels up into a soft little ball.

It happens every time, doesn't it?  EVERY time!  Oh, you want to cum... you want to SQUIRT!  And all you can do is squeeze out a few little droplets of pearly, translucent ooze!

Even looking at My gorgeous ass, and My smooth, tanned legs...  your little penis just can't stay up!

Not until you hear My voice... weaving a hypnotic spell into your mind... commanding you not to touch yourself!  Then your little pee-pee gets SO hard!  Like a rod of IRON!

Awwwww, but it's still so short!  Does it HURT when that tiny thing tries to get hard?

It SHOULD hurt!  Anything so useless should be punished for teasing a Woman, and not being able to DELIVER!

 I want a nice, long, thick COCK sliding into My warm, wet pussy!  A real MAN, who can sink his POLE, deep inside Me... throbbing with lust... thrusting in and out while he glides his hands over My firm breasts, and down My back.

And that man is NOT you... you pathetic loser!

Maybe I should make you watch!  Maybe I should lock your hands at your sides with a hypnotic command... so you can't even bend your elbows... and force you to watch, kneeling on the floor... the hard surface digging into your knees... while you watch us on the soft, bouncy bed... listening to Me moan with pleasure... smelling the aroma of My pussy... My scent fills the room with the smell of SEX!

And all you can do is WISH you could stroke your hard, little pee-pee... masturbating out those pathetic, tiny drops... while My MAN pumps his hot, white cum into My pussy.

But you need My PERMISSION to masturbate, you little loser!

I have you locked up in HYPNOTIC CHASTITY... and there's nothing you can do but BEG Me to unlock you... for a little while... so you can touch yourself... so you can stroke your little penis... so you can squirt that pathetic puddle of juice.


And beg... BEG Queen Passionate to let you masturbate your tiny penis.

Yes, "penis."  You will ALWAYS call it a penis when you talk to Me.  Peee-nisssss!  Little tiny peee-nissss!  Not good for ANYTHING.  And you're only allowed to rub it with Queen Passionate's permission!