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Princess Christine
I am Princess Christine:
It's just that simple.
I am Perfection, you are a loser. That is why you are drawn to Me like a moth to a flame. I intend to make absolutely sure you never forget it. Do you secretly want to be Me? To be the beautiful girl that you know you can never have? I will teach you all the secrets of girliness, and while you will never be able to attain the level of perfection I have, I can create a foolish, garish facsimile and turn you out onto the streets to be My little cocksucking cumslut ...

Or perhaps you know yourself a little better than that ... perhaps you know -- deep in your soul -- that you are nowhere near manly enough to keep a girl like Me satisfied. You grab a magnifying glass every morning and pull your pathetic excuse for a cock out of your boxers with a pair of tweezers and realize that even if -- by some miracle -- you were able to get a creamy slice of cheesecake such a Myself, I would cheat on your sorry ass every chance I got. I can just picture taking your wallet and waving to you as I float out the door to meet a REAL man. If you are lucky, I'll come home and tell you all about it

I can't wait for you to call and tell Me all your deep-dark secrets. Confess to Me, little man. After I laugh Myself silly, I promise I will offer you absolution. I am sure once you hear My reassurances that yes -- you are a loser -- you will be so grateful and appreciative

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