Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

This is a call for men who think that they can shock me.

Sexuality fascinates me in all its many flavors. I spend hours online, browsing BDSM erotica, fetish videos, and antique pornographic etchings. When I go shopping, I gravitate towards the seedy back shelves of the sex shops with the bootleg DVDs from Germany and Brazil. If is doesn't smell like cum and antiseptic, then it's not my kind of store.
And yet, as of late, I'm beginning to feel a little jaded. I think a competition is in order! Call in to shock me and, in one month from now, I will announce a winner.

Rules for when you call:

  1. Give me a name or let me choose one for you. Pseudonyms are encouraged. I just need some way to identify the winner of the competition.
  2. Do not try to shock me by insulting me. If I don't like your behavior, I reserve the right to hang up on you.
  3. If you get off on confessing your kinks, that's fine. But please try to take this competition seriously! I want stories and confessions, not unintelligible grunts. For subs in need of discipline, please see my other listings.