Phone Sex

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Reveal Your Soul to a Beautiful Stranger

This line is reserved for Classy, Intelligent Men Who are capable of carrying a conversation that lasts a Minimum of 10 Minutes or Longer, thus, providing ample time for us to become properly acquainted with one another.

It is true, that often times most men find themselves becoming more open and honest with a total stranger than they could with their own wife or girlfriend. Ideally, many women may like to consider themselves to be open minded individuals, however, the fact of the matter is, most "Vanilla" women are extremely judgemental, particularly of their spouse.

What do you think she would say if you were to confess those illicit fantasies that you usually just keep to yourself? She would probably think you're crazy, perverse, and some sort of freak... Right?

You shouldn't have to keep your feelings, desires, and fantasies so bottled in any longer. You can share them openly with an open minded, beautiful Domina that is well versed in the studies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sensual Arts, Dominate/Submissive Relationships, and more... Nothing what-so-ever is too taboo for us to discuss. Under my wing, I will guide you, nurture you and counsel you without prejudice. This may even turn into an Ultimate Girlfriend Experience, as you will discover yourself unraveling your complete soul to me....

This is more than just a fantasy, this is truly an AUTHENTIC Experience! You will never find a woman as Remarkable as me anywhere, whether on Niteflrt, or in real life. I truly understand your need to be candid, open, and completely uninhibited. I'm that INTELLIGENT, naturally dominate Goddess that you may easily purge your soul to.

Sports, Politics, Music, Art, Culture, Travel, Taboo, Sensual Arts, are just some of the various topics we may discuss. There is no limit . . . I am an exotic rarity. Our conversation will engage you while Stimulating your mind, arousing your senses, and pushing deeper into your Soul.

I understand you. I Feel You. I'm the epitome of class and sophistication; High Maintenance with Exquisite Taste for the Finer things in Life, but that is one of the things you love and appreciate about me so much. You don't mind Spending Money on your "favorite girl" because you know I appreciate it. I Empower you to excel in life and to stay on your toes. I'm DOMINATE and STRONG, but very affectionate. I'm the perfect balance of everything you ever desired. I am extremely giving of my energy. My humorous personality and down to earth demeanor continue to charm and enlighten you.

The beginning of the Rest of Your Life is Only a Phone Call Away. (This Line is for Conversational Purposes Only. If you seek to be fully dominated and serve, please read my OTHER Niteflirt listings)


Name: Princess Anais (Pronounced Ann-I-Eese)

Height: An adorable 5 feet, 2 inches tall. You just want to pick me up and hold me close, kissing me passionately as you cradle me in your arms.

Weight: Petite, 105 lbs, curvaceous, fit, delicate, yet strong.

Breasts: A luscious, Natural 34 C

Eyes: Cat-Like Green, piercing your heart with my sensual gaze.

Skin: Light, Golden Tan, skin kissed by the sun

Ethnicity: Exotic Latina of Puerto Rican Descent. I Speak Spanish fluently.

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