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All About Eve

The BRATTY girlfriend experience....

You understand the nature of our relationship, don't you? Seriously-it would be awful if we let sex ruin this awesome thing we have going, where I get everything I want and you get nothing you want. Don't you think?

I ignore the fact that I haven't let you cum in months, and I fuck whoever I want. *Laughs* I tease and humiliate you in a thousand subtle ways, and you take it and beg for more cause you're so happy to get just a tiny bit of my attention.

See? You're like the perfect boyfriend! Wouldn't you hate for all your begging and pleading to change my opinion on that?

I mean sure, I could actually let you fuck me and finally validate all the time and money you've spent on me in your sexless lil hell, but what then? We could never go back to the way it was, where I take advantage of your weakness and desperation to make you do whatever I want...

Plus, eeew! What if I actually had to see you naked?? You'd be all begging and drooling over me, and that poor pathetic cock of yours would be drooling all over YOU... You know, like it does when you stroke it in secret a million and one times a day? *Giggles* And what would happen if I ever let you put it in my perfect pussy? We both know that would be the worst 15 seconds of my entire life!

So lets just keep our relationship just like this. You give everything, I give nothing, and I'm the perfect bratty girlfriend. Still SO much more than you deserve! Call me now! :)

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