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Seductive beauty wants her lips all over you

I'm Kyla. My teen friends and I grew up in luxury with beauty pageants, horse back riding, and the best of everything. I've never had to want for anything, and that includes men. When I am trapped in the stiffness of society functions and luncheon gatherings with my prim and proper clothes, all I can think of is going home and picking up the phone. My friends can't believe I'm a phone sex worker but I tell them it is a huge thrill to know that my lips can have that power. What I don't tell them is how horny it gets me! I'm really into oral, giving and receiving, but I especially like to wrap my lips and tongue around a cock for a good blow job. I may be a teen, but I'm a classy one that has some incredibly dirty fantasies to live out. When you get me on the other end of the line you'll know all the oooh's and ahhhh's are real and not faked like other girls, I'm in it for the pleasure and nothing else.