Phone Sex

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I may look sweet and innocent...

I look like your average girl next door. Not some over sexed pimpzilla, pro, or wanna be college student... that's because I am just an average American girl... with lots of dirty secrets.

Your only purpose in life is to MAKE ME HAPPY.

Rules and Guidelines To Making Me Happy:

I know what gets me off. I love to fuck. I fuck real men, which if you have clicked on this link, leaves you out of that catergoy. So don't even ask me to fuck you, pretend or other wise.

I love to fuck with mens heads, here is the category you fall into. I will make you cry, I will make you cum, I will make you feel like the fucking pervert you are... if it's what I chose to do.

When you sound defreated or when you are broke... I AM HAPPY!

I get your money. Plain and simple, you call, you pay. I'M HAPPY. You Click on my page, you pay, I'M HAPPY. You email me, you pay, I'M HAPPY. I will not answer any emails unless you have paid me to do so. I won't even read them.

You will buy me presents. UPS comes to my house every day. He used to get pissy till I answered the door in my panties, now he delivers them with a smile. Keep the UPS man busy delivering and I'M HAPPY.

My Wish List

Don't fuck with me. If you haven't got the money to play, then don't even bother wasting my time. I am for real, you want proof I am spoiled and get what I want, look at the purchased portion of my wishlist on Amazon. That should say it all.

Now Fucker... Make Me Happy!