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The Hypnotuese


My name is Catherine and I am The Hypnotuese.
I've got your attention now and once I sink my nails into your weak man flesh you will be mine and there will be no escape.
I am a naturally dominant female. For as long as I can remember I have been manipulating men. The only thing is I didn't realize it then but I most definitely do now. I know that I have that power and use it to my full advantage. There is nothing more thrilling or a turn on for me when I have a man panting and begging to worship me. It's the way it should be and has always been. I am one of those females that gets it and if you are a submissive man you understand exactly what I mean. I am what you crave in your daily life and now I am here. I have one of those smooth, sultry voices that definitely gets the type of response that I like from a weak man. I am smiling recalling the many men who have heard my voice for the very first time and muttered "oh my god" shouldn't that be goddess? :)

There has always been some quality about me that draws men to me like a moth to a flame. I have heard time and time again "I can't believe I am telling you these things" *grins* I can.
Men feel comfortable around me, it's as though they are already in a trance just being in my presence. Giving into the need to call just to hear my voice. I am a drug to these men, just like I will be for you.

What are your secrets? Be ready to own up to everything. You can tell me anything, anything at all. What are your hidden desires? Everyone has them and now you can finally confess everything to me. Once I begin to crawl into your mind and figure you out. Only then will we be able to move forward into complete addiction and devotion to me.

I prefer men who are well spoken and can form a sentence, even when I know it's a very hard thing to do when I've got you by the cock and balls. I enjoy being the other woman in your life when in reality I am the only woman who matters. The one little thing that sets me apart from every other woman is that I don't just like to be worshiped and adored, I expect it. I prefer men who embrace the want to serve me in any way that I see fit.

What I do not like are uneducated, cheap, misogynistic, passive/aggressive men. I do not have time for your little games so do us both a favor and move along. You are my play thing not the other way around. I demand respect at all times. You seriously don't want to find out what happens when you disrespect me. I believe in female supremacy but at the same time I am a sensual being. I don't hate men, in reality I love men but only when they do my bidding. I do not specialize in humiliation. I specialize in complete control over your weak mind and cock through hypnosis. I don't need to become a stereotype in order to exhibit control over you. I am not a stage act, I am real. I am curious about your experiences with erotic hypnosis and what you seek to gain on your journey. I listen. I may not agree with those needs but I do listen. Again I am real, I don't pretend to be that which I am not. I am honest in that I will never claim that I am a certified hypnotist. I have never claimed to be one ever but I do know what I am doing. Those who have served Me in the past know this all too well. All you need really is an open mind, ready to be re-programed into being My mindless play thing. I am open to beginners, novices and even those who have a lot of experience with this fetish.

Please respect My rules as follows:
1. At all times I shall be referred to as Goddess.
2. At no time shall you be disrespectful of Me. That will result in Me hanging up on you and blocking you from further contact with Me.
3. If I feel W/we do not click I will be honest about this and suggest you search elsewhere. I am not into wasting My time or yours.
4. For your initial call I expect you to be free of all obligations and give Me your full attention. All introductory calls should be at least 15 minutes in length. It is unrealistic for these calls to be shorter. It is very difficult for Me to begin to explore what it is that you are aspiring to and it is very difficult for you to connect with Me on another level in less than 15 minutes.
5. For every session, including the first, I expect your full attention. If there is a possibility that W/we may be interrupted chose another time to call. You need to be able to focus and you must be comfortable.
6. After the first session I recommend that you load up your account to allow at least a 30 minute session. I will be asking how much time W/we have. Without this information I can't pace the session accordingly.
7. I do not like freebie seekers. If you email Me asking for free minutes this will not happen, your email will be deleted and ignored. Time is money and I expect to be compensated for My time.
8. Be honest with Me in what is that you seek and your experiences. Lying will not benefit either of U/us.
9. I am an erotic hypnotist not a psychic. When I ask questions I expect an answer not a generality or "I don't know". You have a brain so use it. If you don't know a thing about yourself this won't work.
10. I do not use the props that most hypno dommes utilize. You will never see an amulet, lines going back and forth or flickering light on any of My listings. It's really not needed.
11.. I do not have generic MP3's for sale. The connection that happens in a live call can't be repeated in an MP3. I will entertain a request for a custom MP3 from a client that I already have done live calls with.
12. I do not currently have a personal website.
13. I do not offer pictures for sale. What you see is what you get.
14. I have no desire to have you as a real life slave; however, I may entertain it in the fantasy realm. My personal life is full and Mine, I have no desire to lead anyone on.
15. Most importantly I follow the TOS of this service at all times. This means that if your desire is to push the TOS and talk about that which is not allowed this will not happen under any circumstances. If you try to push this rule, you will be told that I won't talk about this subject(s).
Yes I have a lot of rules but they are My rules and important to Me and I expect you to respect all of My rules.
I am the woman of your dreams the only one that understands you and I will capitalize on that to the fullest extent.
We both know I already have you panting and your cock stiff in your pants needing to give up control.
It's simple really just pick up that phone and call, you know you want to.

Your life will never be the same again.

~Goddess Catherine the Hypnotuese~