Phone Sex

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won't you allow me to server your pleasure?

With long hair spun as golden wheat,
Your gaze into my deep blues meet.
my voice will spark Your every fantasy,
Wrest away control, please Dominate me.

i am the classic embodiment of the lady in the parlor and the whore in the bedroom. i can carry a conversation regarding just about anything. Even when discussing things i know little or nothing about, i am willing and able to listen and interject questions and opinions. i like to think of myself as an analytical thinker. Ever since my early youth, i have had a passionate love-affair with the written word. i can talk for hours about theatre, especially shakespeare and his works. i love to read, and if You don't have a particular fantasy in mind, I would be more than happy to read to you on the subject of your choosing.

In my social circle, i am loving, serene, confident, outspoken, and have proven myself more than capable of excelling in a position of authority. Few who know me can look at my mask of calm and know the scope of emotion and need that boils just below the surface. None of my friends are aware that i am a cock hungry little slut with a nearly constant need between my legs, dying to be ordered around and used. If i wrote here the dirty, secret things that float through my head all day while i'm surrounded by people and unable to do anything about it, You would be touching Yourself before You ever even heard my sultry voice breathing sweet yielding in Your ear.

i am trying to make that transition from cum slut to slave. i confess i feel like i still have much to learn; i need Your dominance to guide me. Maybe You can help me learn what it means to be a slave, and what it truly is to beg. All i know is that i never knew freedom until i was tied up, objectified, and used.

i love sex, and i love talking about it. So... let's talk. Tell me what drives You, tell me what to do. There may be some things i'll discover i might not enjoy talking about, but my philosophy is that i will try anything once. At Your bidding, i may even try things more than once. ;)