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Tell Me Your Gay Fantasies

Bad schoolgirl teases you to distraction

sweet curvy ass

I pretend I don't see you notice me when I waltz into your class, late again. I march straight in to claim my seat front and center, like always. I drop my calculator and bend down to pick it up.

You can barely see the curve of my plump white ass, just enough to tell I'm not wearing any underwear.

A faint smell of sweat and desire brushes against your nostrils, hinting of what lies within. Sticky summer heat leaves an impression of touch and tanginess, like kittens and oranges frolicking in the air.

Shaking your head to clear away these cobwebs of distracting synesthesia, you begin your lecture. I twirl my braids and appear to be listening, even taking notes rather intently. Upon closer inspection, you find no notes but only drawings; drawings of thorns, thrones, blood and bondage.

It's a hot day and the windows are closed, but you notice a blueberry sized nipple poking through my blouse. Only one, though - almost as if it were winking at you, a secret beckoning.

You need a drink of water. Reaching for your bottle, your eyes light upon a box of rulers left by the previous professor. Short rulers, long rulers, wooden rulers and metal rulers; all seem to reach up to your outstretched hand, beckoning, begging you to take one and make your own art upon my soft, unrepentant flesh...