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Mistress Laughs At You

Sissy Ridicule & Orgasm Brainwashing

Hello paypigs, minions, and fools. Clicking on my profile is your first step into lifelong servitude. You have been searching for me all your life because you know you belong beneath a beautiful, greedy, amused goddess.
You crave my power, my sexual power, a power that you live for. It is automatic for you that you should devote your life to me. But this doesn't mean it is all serious, all whips and chains. No, I will be amused and entertained even as your life savings is transferred to me, call by call.
As I laugh at you, ignore and belittle you, your erection grows harder and harder until you can't resist stroking it. It is humiliating to admit I always have this effect on you even when I am sleepy and start to snore in your ear. I really can do anything to you and it just makes you harder and more eager to pay and pay and pay.
The more you pay, the deeper I take you down that rabbit hole of your deepest darkest desires. It doesn't really matter what they are, I'll exploit them and laugh about it later. Even your tender wife will be giving up the good life to support me. And why not?
I am the most extraordinary person you will ever know, and all other women will pale in comparison to me. I love making men horny, helpless and mad with lust -- all just using my voice and mind to dominate you. Your wife was never that adventurous or she wouldn't have wound up with you, lol. Bookmark this page, and save it on all your devices. You'll be back to stare at me and to stare at me often.
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