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Mistress Yasmin
La Diosa Arabe

What language would you like your humiliation in bitch? English, Spanish, or Arabic?

Hola Mis Perritos Sucios, I am Yasmin, but that's MISTRESS Yasmin to you, I am the image of perfection well educated, well traveled, and the ultimate example of the perfect fantasy, only thing is, I'm as real as you are pathetic. I don't just DESERVE the best of everything, I EXPECT it.

True, exotic, dominance, beautiful daughter of Pharoahs and Spanish Royalty, the supreme dominatrix and every dream you have ever had a happy ending to, you need to serve me because service to me means the end of your search.

You will call me because you need me, you crave me, everything that I am is everything you need and will never be able to obtain in any other form, you will call me because just as I know you are getting your pathetic dick hard as you read this, I know that you need the permission for your release.
You will never be able to orgasm the same way after I have blessed you with one...

Its not like you actually Deserve to cum, you've been a very bad boy, spending all your money on pathetic wives and girlfriends that will never measure op to your Arabian Latina Goddess, I WILL BECOME THE CENTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE So be prepared mi perrito, I will take control of every aspect of your life.

Obsessing Over Me Will Become Your Favorite Thing To Do. Wanna Know Some of MY Favorite Things?

  • Loser Abuse
  • Pathetic Pushovers
  • Dark Twisted Fantasies
  • Money for Nothing
  • Humiliation Junkies
  • Asskissers
  • Filthy Foot Worship
  • Flunkies
  • Sycophants
  • Dirty Old Men with a Weakness
  • Being Naked Except For My Expensive Lingerie

Know What Makes Me Even Happier? Tributes So happy infact, every dollar amount determines how long you get to view my web cam, and believe me, that shit is worth your whole damn salary...

If you Really want to get in my good graces puercito you'll do something special like get something from my wish list, I always give extra attention to boys bearing gifts, It means they took the time out of their Pathetic lives! So here's my wishlist sucio...