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Make no mistake about it, I am a complete and utter terror. I do not play at this, I'm experienced, vicious and unrelenting.


Domination at its finest. If you think you have a special fetish, try me.

If you want to talk to a genuine DOMINA --then I am she. I'm a wordsmith, and am fully aware and adept at handling the dark undertows of the male sexual psyche. I can probably show you a thing or two.

I'm a drop dead gorgeous, curvy and DOMINANT woman. I have a curvy figure - hourglass in shape with a bust you could lose a London bus in. Soft pale skin on the outside; but a tough cookie with a warped and corrosively bubbly sense of humour. If most people find something offensive, I'll probably laugh at it. VERY outgoing and talkative, never a dull moment I assure you! I have over SEVENTEEN YEARS experience, as a GENUINE Dominatrix and I am very, VERY skilled. I had the honour of learning from mentors I cannot even begin to thank. I treat people with respect and expect the same in return. I don't respond to people who think being rude will get me to do what they want, and I do not respond to anyone topping from the bottom.

I'm a 100% British Domina. I have the accent to prove it.

This one is for all you accent whores. I am 100% genuine BRITISH DOMINA. Pick up the phone to listen to me debase you, humiliate and laugh at you, all with a real British accent.

My favourite pastime:
Listening to you doing stupid stuff to yourself for my amusement!

I can be:
Nurturing for new people, or people who are timid and need slow guidance. I might be a scary bitch, but I know my stuff and how to apply it.

I am:
Quite possibly the most evil and twisted female you're ever likely to come across. More to the point I am also INCREDIBLY FILTHY MINDED --Make no mistake about it. I WILL have your complete attention - or toss you by the wayside like a used condom. If you're boring, whiny or think you can manipulate me, you're sadly mistaken. I will not allow you to top me from the bottom or tell me what to do, just because you're paying me for my time. If anything else I will demand double, or even triple the amount just to give you the time of day.

Just when you think I've taken everything, I'll take a little bit more. Don't fuck me about. I am absolutely, categorically a force to be reckoned with. Don't expect me to be a mind reader, and don't make any demands of me. Don't be afraid to tell me your desires, but remember I'm calling the shots and you never, ever tell me what to do.

I'm worth every penny. Not cent. PENNY.

$50 Pedicure/Manicure

$100 Night Out

$200 Buy me a hotel stay

$500 Buy me a designer dress