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Kit Kat Katrina

Leatherbound Bitch Wants To Humiliate and Rob You

You are not worth my time...but your money is! You are barely worth my disdain and humiliation.
Be prepared to give me whatever I want. I do not play, I do not take no for an answer. You are pathetic enough to call me, you are pathetic enough to just give me your money. I expect nothing less.

I love laughing at pathetic excuses for men. I find it the best passtime for a boring day.

You are only here for my amusement, never forget that.
Are you a small pricked, loose lipped loser who needs to be put in his place? Are you a pathetic excuse for a man? More pussy than hunk? Do you forget this sometimes? Need a reminder of your worthlessness? I'll humiliate you until you cry or cum, whichever comes first.

Come on, boy, beg for me to talk to you, to laugh at you. Admit your worthlessness and call the one who will laugh at every little pathetic defect you have.
So listen you pansy ass pathetic bitch, call me now. If I find you worthless enough, or you pay me enough, I just might laugh at you. If I don't....I won't even waste my time with you. It's as simple as that.