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Laurens Wallet

A new look at financial domination, and a new game

You're arriving here is natural. You have been drawn here, to me, by a force you cannot explain. For some time now, you have felt it, unable to truly identify the feelings, the cravings, you are experiencing. Just relax. I will to explain them to you.

All men have an inate need to serve women. Society has placed tremendous burdens on you, demanding that you provide and lead. "Be a man" is a simple directive you have heard since you were a young boy. But since then, all you have worked hard to accomplish has been nothing but a futile attempt to impress the superior sex, the female Goddess. You worked out to impress women. You worked hard to to earn more money, trying to impress women. If you were successful in your attempt for even the slightest contact with a real woman, you bragged about it to your friends. Nothing in life could hurt your foolish pride like being rejected by a woman, yet you have become accustomed to it.

Your real place is not as a leader of, or even an equal to, any woman. You belong on your knees, your heart racing as you desperately long for a simple command. You need to serve, but even more, you need to be owned, to be property, an object. Though you have thought about being with another man, you would never do it, unless of course, a woman commanded you to. Then you would slurp another cock for her entertainment in an instant.

The steps you are about to take are just the beginning of your new life as my property, an object in existence solely for my pleasure. Now, you are to...

  • Remove your wallet
  • Place it in front of you
  • Undress completely
  • Kneel
  • Load your account
  • And begin here...

    There is a significant connection between the need of a financial slave to serve a woman and strong bi-sexual fantasies. For the cashpig, the thought of being found out as one that needs to kneel before a beautiful woman is both frightening and erotic; it does wonders for keeping that little cock hard. However, if it were found out, few would question your need to kneel before me once it was realized how superior I truly am, and others, in fact, would rush to join you. However, few would feel the same should they know your desire to kneel before a man in front of me, to feel his hands on your head fucking your throat as I watched, all while accessing and draining your accounts. Imagine if others were to see pictures of you, naked before me, your face covered in cum, your eyes filled with tears having been gagged with a large cock. It has been the rare cash slave that has not thought about this, and the idea of it truly becoming real.