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I am a super horny nympho and until very recently, I was in prison for 7 years. A friend told me about niteflirt and I thought it was such a cool idea- perfect for me- Im really into getting off multiple times a day cause I am soooo super horny! I havent had any real cock since my boyfriend- that snitch- and that was when I was 18 so you can imagine how crazy I am going!!!! Plus, I get to make some $$$ which I desperately need since I am all alone now and starting over - and I can talk from home which is excellent because I am really not all that cool yet with being on the outside and around people. I guess I just need some time to adjust to being a free woman. I am ok around friends and family but I haven't been getting out much just yet, so as you can imagine, that is doing nothing for my sexual frustration issues.

Don't worry, Im not totally crazy just cause Ive been locked up- I was totally normal. Once....

I grew up in suburbia with a Mom and Dad and 4 siblings. I was popular in high school and always got good grades, but I liked this boy. And he liked me. Well, I really thought he did- but anyway, when I was a senior I started rebelling by having sex and smoking cigarettes and I left my parents house and moved into this little apartment with this guy and he liked to drink a little and have sex alot. I was never into the drinking much, but I liked the sex alot.

Well, I didnt know it but he was dealing drugs and stashing them in our place. Well, when he got busted he set me up by having me sell to his friend who turned out to be a cop. I know, I shouldnt have done it- it was so stupid. But I needed to pay the rent and he had always taken care of the bills so I trusted him. When I went to court, my parents hired the best lawyers but the judge was a big fat hag- the type that was teased in school and made fun of and she couldnt wait to make an example out of the cute little rich girl. Well, I ended up getting locked up, doing some hard messed up time.

But now I need I am a horny nympho for hard dick after going so long without.

Call me to talk about ANYTHING!!! I am totally down for WHATEVER and can be as naughty as you wanna be!! I am open to all suggestions and whatever freaky nasty fantasies you can come up with!