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It's time to confess and surrender to your doom!

Come on in sinner, it’s time that you unburdened your naughty mind. Confess all those nasty little fantasies and secrets to Goddess and take your penance like a good boy.

Only through me is the path to salvation. Of course if you have been VERY BAD I may have to drag you into Darkness where you’ll be made to suffer, relive your dark fantasies over and over again, until you have nothing left in you to drain.

You can’t resist the lure of your carnal desires and the temptation to sin is too great for a poor weak male like you. The question is are you still redeemable or are you on a one way path to Hell?

Give me a call and let’s find out…

It all begins with “Bless me Goddess for I have sinned, please hear this worthless sinners confession today!”

Masturbation in Church * Having sex with his wife's best friend * Nasty dirty gay sex * Stealing Panties to wear or masturbate with * Addicted to Poppers * Chronic Masturbation * Extreme Gluttony * Home Wrecking Fantasies * Desperate need to be a Bimbo Whore * Being whored out as a Sissy Whore by another Mistress * Desire to be a cuckold eunuch nullo * Desecration of the Bible * Anal Sex with a Cross and other Religious Blasphemous acts * Feelings of being a Loser * Financially abused Wallet (Careful I will drain you hard if you confess to this) * Pantyhose Sex * Succubus or Incubus visitation fantasies * Desire to be fucked by Demons * Pornography addiction * Addiction to Phonesex * Small Penis Loser Confessions * Blackmail Fantasy Confessions * Anal Whore Confessions * Gang-bang Confessions * Being put in permanent Chastity * Used and abused by evil * and so many more

Now it's your turn to pick up the phone and confess to me!

I am waiting .....

1-800-863-5478 ext: 02799924

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