Phone Sex

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Secrets are always best when shared!

Come on in fellow naughty one, well at least I hope you are naughty whenever you get the chance. Life gets really boring when you behave all the time. I have no idea how some people do it…. *wicked laugh*.

I was born back in 1970, which means I have had more than a little bit of time to have my own VERY naughty adventures. I have been in the Adult / Sex Industry in some form or the other since I turned 18 years old; do the math loves. To say I worked the Industry up one side and down the other before finding my place and niche within it where I am the happiest would be a fair statement. I have NO secrets and ZERO shame when it comes to the many things I have done within this colorful, interesting, at times crazy as hell, but NEVER boring Industry.

I have to tell you honestly loves, that there is very little I have not heard in some version or the other. So please don’t be afraid to talk to me, I am not going to go all MCJudgey on you because you are a little pervert, sex freak, nasty gurl, bad boy blah blah blah … pick something haha.

Hey, if anything I’ll welcome you to the club.

There is only one thing I have to insist on. You need to keep your confession calls with me NF TOS Compliant. Which means if you happen on a subject that is not and I tell you "sorry I can't talk to you about that", please respect that decision! I don't make the Rules I just enforce them on my listings. Any arguments along the line of "but other Flirts to do it" get you hang up on and blocked instantly. I don't care if they do or not, so be a love, there are thousands of topics we can talk about. I am sure you can find one that arouses you that is allowed. (Hehe - Yeah the Femdom just showed through didn't it?)

As long as you stay within them we can have a great time together.



I am a Femdom (Female Dominant – not Female Supremacist), Semi-retired Professional Dominatrix (real time and online), Fetish Queen, Content Producer, published Author, as you just saw above naturally bossy when necessary, and many other things, but I am still very much a down to Earth woman, who just really likes to have fun with her callers.

I always considered this listing my “letting my hair down listing and just being the fellow Kinkster, Fetishist, Pervy Adult and other fun things that so many people are afraid of admitting to.

I know the following is obvious but sometimes you have to say it so let’s get it out of the way now:

I am a Lady, regardless of the little fact that I am here helping you to pull on your tail, have probably experienced more naughty things in my life than the average person, and have done things that would make a Sailor blush or made my subs do them, I am still a Lady. So please mind your manners with me.

Ok now, time for you to call me winkand let’s share some secrets with one another. You can be the Star here and we make it all about your experiences and naughty secret fantasies, or you can ask me about some of mine. It’s all good here in the confessional.

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