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The Cuckold Maker Emasculation & sexual rejection

Goddess Bella Donna is the Cuckold Maker - Call Me live at: 1-800-863-5478 ext: 02799924

Oh darling, I know you thought we'd be just a regular loving couple who shares everything including the Bedroom together, but there is one teeny tiny problem and that is your inability to satisfy Me. You see here is the problem, when I look at you, I get the shivers and not because I am sexually aroused. Matter of fact rather the opposite. Looking at you turns Me off almost instantly.

Oh you are a nice boy, you are very sweet, so obliging in every way, and I know you love Me deeply. Which makes you the perfect candidate for what I have in mind for your future with Me. If you agree to My terms and are able to live within the Rules I make, W/we'll have a long time together. I'll understand so if you'd rather be all alone and lonely, never see Me again, and probably will be forever Friend Zoned by every female you meet. What I have in mind is going to be rather humiliating and debasing for you. It'll be difficult for you until you finally reconcile yourself to your fate, but then you may just learn to love and desire it as much as you'll love and desire Me for the rest of your life.

I understand it will take a while for Me to fully condition you into the cuckold beta bitch I feel is best and most suited for you to become for Me. I will go as slow as My patience allows, but you need to understand that in the end this is all about making Me happy, satisfying Me, assuring that I am provided for in any way I deserve ...

Welcome to Cuckoldry for straight, hetroflexible, bi, sissified, and gay beta male bitch boys.

I am Goddess Bella Donna, the Cuckold Maker, and Femdom Cuckoldress. Yes the Photos above are really Me and I do have real life experience as a cuckolding Mistress. I bring a mixture of sensual domination and no-nonsense strictness to My aspiring cuckold bitches. Serving Me is a privilege, not a right as you will soon discover as I slowly strip your ego and masculinity from you.

How far and how deep your cuckolding fate will go depends on your level of obedience and ability to keep Me happy and satisfied. That is outside of the Bedroom, because your dick is never going to touch My pussy. That is what I have My Studs for and Sex Slaves whom I have conditioned to pleasure and please Me in just the right way. Of course you would never qualify for such a position with Me.

Complete beta male  mental conditioning towards completely devoted and worshipful service to Me as your supreme Goddess and Queen.

Emasculation via mature verbal blunt truth, admittance and acceptance training, action based debasement / humiliation / embarrassment.

Cock control and cock ownership: Masturbation control, orgasm denial, chastity, keyholding, castration and penectomy.

Worship Conditioning of your superiors (Myself as well as any other female or male I decide to place above you) in verbal (praying to, exultating, verbal praise etc.), body servitude (kissing, licking, cleaning of various body parts with your togue, massaging etc), sexually (oral worship towards both male and female).

Financial Control and financial use as is proper: You will learn to love to provide for Me financially while I am served sexually by superior to you men of My choosing. You will be assigned a budget and allowance to cover your survival needs and will need to beg Me for special treats (material) you wish to purchase for yourself. Your paycheck belongs to Me and I control your spending as your Superior Queen.

Sissification and feminization into my sissy cuckold or femmi cuckold wife.

Public Hen Pecking, Beta Male Scolding, Public debasement, Public display of feminine Power over you as My beta male bitch.

Pegging, Anal Conditioning, Dildo Training and more...

Reality based cuckold Relationship discussion, life coaching, mentorship and Chat for those of you who are already in a real time cuckolding relationship with your Lady or have question about cuckoldry as a Lifestyle. (This is not going to be fantasy based if you ask for this, please don't mix the two up)

Roleplay in any of the topics mentioned above - purely cerebreal cuckolding - quick fixes for cuckolds who are unable to commit to Me for actual conditioning. Please be honest and tell Me you are just looking for a Fantasy Roleplay.

Conditioning and training you to become My online (long distance) cuckold for long term relationship based servitude. Be advised that if you are looking for that you will be required to make tributes when I demand it and give financial gifts. This is part of being My cuckold - boys provide and women decide. Do NOT ask for it if you are not sincere - I loath lies!