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Worship My Sweet Silky & Supple Soles

FIRST off, I am NOT a 'mistress'...HATE being called it, you write me with that damn word, you're OUT! I am royalty....goddess material whom prefers to be called Princess, nothing less. I've been getting lots of requests for pictures and chat...I have a members site, want more pictures...go there. Chatting? Well, my guys know who they are, and they LOVE my cam sessions, but I don't normally chat, between work and school full-time...I need more incentive from 'chatting' boys and girls pay for an awesome web session...and they love it...nuff said. A little more about my foot stuff:
Everyone tends to have a sweet-tooth. Ever crave that sugar so bad you'd do anything for it? That sweet taste making your tastebuds do cartwheels up and down your tongue! Yea, it's like that. Ask around, you'll see. The ones whom have tried, they stick to me like bubblegum on the bottom of my shoes...permanently. I know I have this 'power' over men, I've always been very dominant, but couldn't quiet 'fit-in' with anyone else....I'm very unique, in more ways than one! I know I'm attractive, I would never say I'm drop dead, but I know there's a lot of ugly ass people in this world, and that I am NOT! I like to use my gifts that were given to me at birth with little footboys and slaves to do what I want, when I want, and I like it no other way. I understand that being a 'pro' entitles the streets going both ways, but seriously, half of you men out there would cut it off to spend some time with a girl like me...let alone kiss her devine sweet feet! So to all the boys out there that want it for free: HAHAHAHA, find yourself a hometown hunny and tell her you want to lick her feet! See what happens! I work private foot parties for that reason solely....we're both there for the same reason. I know what you want, and I have that, but you need to please me before you can remove my shoes to get to the sweet treat! lol