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Humiliation Assignments! Private and Public!

hearts.gif So you like a taste of humiliation! Welcome to humiliation heaven...or is it cooltext87559956.jpg
Does it get you hot to push the envelope? Does it get you excited to feel the warmth of shame burning in your cheeks? Does your cock grow every time you think of doing something that would make others laugh and scorn you? If you do I'm your new best friend...or worst enemy...LMAO!
look-at-you.gifYou may choose from Private, Semi-public or Public. When you click on an assignment you will see some general
information to help you decide which assignment is the right one for you!
This information will include:
If there are "Special" items required
Most are common household items or
easily aquired and inexpensive.
Preparation and Activity Time
An evenings entertainment
Extended (sometimes spread
over days and often
involves orgasm control!)
Style or type of activity.
This will tell you if it is a Writing assignment, is
computer oriented, requires shopping, involves orgasm
denial etc.
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