Phone Sex

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I know you have been craving a hard raping........

First, financial domination is not just about money, but about control. By now you may have purchased pictures of or stories from dominant women, but this is not control. When you reach the point of clicking and paying for mails for nothing more than the pleasure of sending you’re your potential Goddess cash, it is beginning. You will not understand why, but your flaccid unit will begin to get hard as you send it, no matter how small the amount. When this happens, rest assured, you are a financial piggy. The small amounts will suffice for now, but soon will not work for you. Over time the amounts will increase, and just sending it will make you hard and a simple acknowledgement from your Me, your new owner, will make you crave more. And very often this is where a raping begins.

A raping is a hard fast financial draining. As you start clicking, you have no intention of going very this far. But having clicked on varying amounts over time, your cock craves more. So you begin, as usual, by starting slow, say, a $10 pay mail. There is no picture inside, just a few words from your Mistress, but it makes you hard. You feel slightly cheated, expecting more, but since you are turned on, you decide to click just one more, maybe for $20.

Now you feel a new sensation. You knew the mail would be relatively empty, but did it anyway. And now you crave more. Out of curiosity, you look at the next mail and feel your throbbing cock want to jump out of your hand. Expecting it to follow the pattern, you see a huge jump in the amount, to $50. Without thinking, you click and pay it. Now the raping has begun. You no longer think for yourself, and enter that trance that can take you anywhere. In service to me, you keep clicking, watching the amounts grow as you get closer and closer to exploding. Finally, you shoot and collapse, you cum all over your naked body, your thighs spread out and you let out a sigh of relief.

You have just been raped for at least a few hundred, and are complete spent. Suddenly, you feel a knot in your stomach, sick that you went that far. You look over your transactions, and it feels worse. You close the screen, go clean up and promise never to do it again. This is where it gets interesting. For as much as you don’t want to, 10 minutes later you will be hard again. You will contact me, and beg for it again. Trust me on this, my little piggy. I have had more multiple rapings within a matter of hours of the same pig more times than I can count. You may, like some others, disappear for a week or two following your second or third raping that day, but you will be back.