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CAM BUT NO EYEBALL~watch me get fucked hard!

I'm a bisexual slut who has a truly wild sex life. The sex I have is kinky, wet, hard, and fast and usually involves several people. I meet guys and girls online and invite them over to my house for sex. Some are one night stands, but some are regular fuck buddies I see every few weeks. If this listing's button says "Call Now", it means I have a playmate over who wants you to call and watch.

I can use Yahoo! IM for webcam, but would prefer to use higher quality, full screen options like SightSpeed for Macs and PCs or iChat for Macs only (although iChat has been acting up lately). No, I do not use Eyeball. To save time, spend the $2 to buy my screen names in advance:Buy Now

I'm quite picky about the men...all are either pretty-boy cute or gq handsome, either in good shape or totally buff and muscular with six-pack abs, and either have nice thick cocks (I don't really care about length past a certain minimum) or REALLY know how to use their average thickness cocks. Guys with small cocks usually don't have the balls (pardon the pun) to hook up with me because my experience and expectations (apparently) makes me intimidating. Usually I like dominant guys who will gag me with their cock and use all my holes for their pleasure, pounding away at my pussy and ass as if I were nothing more than a fuck toy. Sometimes, if a submissive boy is GORGEOUS and totally ripped, I'll play with him in my private life. I have a major preference for dominant and submissive men who want me to play with their asses, but I can't promise they'll want me to do that on webcam. I can promise that the guy will not be fat, very hairy, or balding.

Most nights, I have guys over because guys are easy and girls are a lot of hassle, but I often invite my bi female roommate to come to my room and get fucked by my playmate du jour. Thursdays tend to be especially wild because my girlfriend is also over and I invite guys over to join both of us (and sometimes my roommate too, so the guys get all three of us). I have a separate niteflirt listing for when it is just me and my adorable submissive girlfriend. For that listing, you can interact with us and direct the action.

When you call me here, I am offering you to mostly just watch and listen. Depending on the guy and what stage of fucking we are in when you call, you may or may not get to interact more with us. That said, interjecting comments like "Take it, slut!", "Fuck her harder!", or "Put it in her ass!" is always appreciated. Just don't forget to tell us when you're shooting your sticky come all over yourself!

You should know that all sex acts involving penetration use latex barriers, including blow jobs, and the guys will not come in my mouth; for safety reasons, I prefer my face, tits, belly, or part of my ass not near my asshole. I am a slut, but a really careful one.